Who are we?

We are a group of experienced service learning educators and consultants who believe that through integrating service learning in schools around the world, young people will develop the skills necessary to be agents of change in the global community.
Our aim is to educate, collaborate and support the integration of service learning in schools and communities around the world.

Why Service Learning?
Service Learning:
Provides opportunities for young people to develop the transdisciplinary skills and dispositions necessary for facing the future
Facilitates a deeper awareness and understanding of global issues
Promotes student-initiated action rooted in inquiry and knowledge
Fosters empathy and intercultural understanding

What do we offer?
Tailored consultation strategy to meet the needs of your organization
Training on best practices in service learning
Creative Commons resources developed by passionate and experienced leaders and educators, designed to support program and curriculum development.


How do Concepts relate? What is the relationship of concepts within enduring understandings relating to Service Learning?

Here are some examples from Julie Stern:

Media can reinforce and perpetuate stereotypes.

Media shapes our thoughts and behaviors.

We can critically analyze media in order to become aware of its message and how we might be less influenced by it.

Conservation protects plants and animals eventually benefiting humans as well.

Diverse habitats provide a special environment for unique plants and animals to flourish.

A change in one part of a system brings a change to other parts of a system creating an imbalance.

Humans can responsibly or irresponsibly share finite resources with other living things.

Human actions lead to consequences on habitats.

Our Consultants
all over the world


Tara Barton


Rebecca Gillman


Gabriel Limaverde


Chris McBride


Chris McBride


Dee Milne


Tara Barton


Dee Milne


Coaching for your school or organization is customised to suit where your currently at, and where you what to be.

Coaching from any of our consultants will begin online to find out your needs and the time frame.

We offer a wide range of packages for both onsite and offsite training around the world.

Examples of our Coaching:

In-school from  1- 7 days working with Leadership, faculty, Students, Partners, and Parents


We have a wide range of organizations and collaboratives whom we work with. To find out more about them, simply click on the button and go to their website.



These are some of the community partners that we collaborate with. If you join one of our upcoming Service Learning Workshops, Institutes, customized PD, or one of our events, a percentage of your contribution will be sent to the community partner of your choice.


To get in touch with us please send us an e-mail with your school organization’s specific requirements for Service Learning.