Rebecca Gillman

“I would highly, highly recommend using both Serve Learn and working with Rebecca Gillman in developing your school’s CAS programmes- and I recommend it without hesitation. I’m convinced that we will work with Rebecca Gillman in the future in helping develop our CAS programmes moving forward.”

Alexis ToyeCAS Coordinator at the International School of the Hague

Rebecca Gillman


Rebecca Gillman

Rebecca’s passion for Service Learning took root in 2006, in the wake of Typhoon Milenyo in the Philippines whilst she was teaching English at the International School of Manila.  What started out as providing opportunities for students to be part of emergency relief efforts soon evolved into sustained work with a committed core of High School students. Student concerns about poor environmental practices in the city led to a community partnership that resulted in hundreds of young people benefiting from service learning. Since then, she has been a committed advocate for and practitioner of curricular and co-curricular service learning.

In her role as IBDP CAS Coordinator at the International School of Tanganyika, Rebecca developed a range of strategies and resources that support students as they strive to initiate action to address issues that they care about. During her six years in Tanzania, she mentored colleagues as they designed units of work in a range of subject areas to ensure that service learning was meaningfully embedded in curriculum and she also trained student leaders of over 30 service partnerships and educators in Northern Tanzania at the Moshi Rural Teacher Capacity Building Workshop.

Rebecca has served on the African International Schools Association (AISA) Service Learning Working Group and has been a contributor to the Global Issues Network (GIN), in three regions, for the past ten years.

Rebecca is currently studying for a Masters degree in Development Education and Global Learning at University College London. She has a BA (Hons.) degree in English and African Studies and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Cambridge, U.K. But it is her experiences in International Education that have shaped her understanding of the skills, tools and approaches fundamental to nurturing student leadership and authentic ownership of service learning projects.