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We will continue to add articles, websites, and video’s to support service learning in schools:

Tara Barton’s Meaningful Service Learning Article: 27 Meaningful Service Learning

John Hatties 250 influences on student learning meta-analysis increase with service learning: 250 Influences Student Learning By Hattie

Rebecca Gillman’s Championing Student Leadership:supporting student leaders article

AISJ’s Unique Approach to Service Learning- TIE Online- By Tara Barton: &

Exciting to finally have some recent data on the impacts of service learning in education by John Hattie 🙂 Effect Size 2016 Update Service Learning

Meaningful Service Learning- By NYLC-



AISA GISS- Global Issues Service Summit in Africa:

SASSY- South African Service Summit for Youth:

GIN- Global Issues Network:

TIG- Taking It Global –



AISA Service Learning Handbook:

GIN Student Workbook:

Standards for Quality Practice- NYLC-



Service Learning in Action Videos:

UN Refugee Simulation- By AISJ:

Afrika Tikkun- By AISJ:

Philile Service Learning- By AISJ:

Meetse Reading Program- By AISJ:

CAS SASSY Service Project- By AISJ: CAS sassy


Inspiring Videos:

Labeling- By Prince Ea- I am not black and you are not white:

Apology- By Prince Ea- Sorry:


What is not Service Learning Videos:

Who wants to be a volunteer- By Radi Aid:

Africa for Norway- By Radi Aid: