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Service Learning and Sustainability Workshop


Service learning provides meaningful learning opportunities to apply and develop skills, dispositions, knowledge and understanding with community for agency and impact.

Systems thinking enables educators to help their students develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to participate in a complex and interdependent world.

Join our engaging and interactive 5 day workshop and receive two certifications: 

  1. Serve Learn Level 1 Practitioner and Certification
  2. Compass Educator Level 1 Practitioner and Certification


  • Develop foundational knowledge about Service Learning and how to embed service learning within classrooms and schools.
  • Opportunities to engage in collaboration on service learning models, partnerships, impacts, resources, service learning units/assessments, and engaging teaching strategies to help educators successfully embed service learning at their schools.
  • Deeper understanding of sustainability, a greater awareness of their own systems contexts, skill in using systems thinking tools and the ability to successfully incorporate and align sustainability with existing curriculum.

Facilitators are Tara Barton and Laurence Myers